One must be on festival site prior to ordering. Please Submit form to include full name, cell number and event ticket number. Once you have Submitted your order, you will be automatically responded to via text and/or email with payment receipt. Once payment has been confirm your order will be ready for pick up in 20 minutes. A copy of text or email receipt will be required before pick up. VIP & Preferred Seating orders will pick up in the VIP area. Curbside and General orders will pick up in the vendor area close to the entry gate. (look for the Banner: “EVERYBODY’S FAVORITE BBQ & HOT SAUCE” 

The festival will be broadcast live via Radio and Video streaming which would allow curb side customers too listen or watch from the comfort of their vehicle while awaiting pick up. Information to tune in will be sent via text or email once order has been confirmed. Be sure to check the curbside order circle on the form. The signal is only available to customers within a two-mile radius of the festival site.

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 The Price is $25 per meal with drink and dessert. 

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